Peregrine Photography > Eclipse 2017

I wound up in the humble town of Huntington, Oregon for the total solar eclipse, normal population 440. Many times that were present on this special day.

The experience was nothing short of spectacular. I'd read about the various effects as totality approached - the cooling of the air, the shimmering of the shadow bands on the ground, the diamond ring just prior to totality. It was quite something to see and feel all of that happening, mostly in the few minutes just before totality. And totality itself: the sky remained a little brighter than I expected - a dark deep blue, the greyish white of the corona, and then a dark black hole in the sky where the sun should be. Simply incredible! Neither words nor pictures do justice to the spectacle. The area sat in eerie twilight for the predicted couple of minutes, and then the diamond ring appeared again and light returned to the land.